Every year hundreds of thousands of travelers come to the Alabama Gulf Coast for their family vacations. While there are some beach front hotels, the vast majority of guests will rent a condo or beach house for their stay. These guests will arrive to a cleaned condo or beach house with freshly made beds complete with clean sheets and pillow cases, but what about the comforter? It’s a little know fact that vacation rental comforters are usually only washed once per year or even less. Spectrum Resorts is tackling this issue head on in 2015 with our exclusive Clean Bed Guarantee.

The average vacation rental will host 30 different families each year. With an average party size of 5 travelers, that means that your family could be sharing the bed with 125 strangers during your vacation. Spectrum Resorts is not OK with this practice, so we’ve decided to do something about it. Beginning in March 2015, all Spectrum Resorts rentals will be furnished with a white duvet on each bed. This duvet will be professionally laundered after each guest departure so all Spectrum Resorts guests will arrive to a crisp and truly clean bed. Finally, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach travelers will receive the same duvet service that is currently only found in luxury hotels.

The Clean Bed Guarantee is the latest addition to the Spectrum Advantage, an exclusive set of perks that combines the spaciousness and amenities of vacation rentals with services typical of hotel rentals. Only Spectrum Resorts guests have access to on-site staff at both Turquoise Place and The Beach Club as well as: complimentary resort activities, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, discounts on purchases made at the resort outlets and more. Click here to learn more about how the Clean Bed Guarantee and Spectrum Advantage are changing the vacation rental industry.