Where is the best place to go when the temperatures are on the rise and school lets out? Most people say the beach, and we do too! There is something refreshing about submerging yourself in the cool waters of Coastal Alabama on a hot summer day.

As we all know too well in the Southeast, humidity goes up along with the summer temperatures and it’s hard to keep the kiddos entertained outside when it is so hot. You can have the best of both worlds with a few of our favorite Water Sports.

Paddle boarding – Stand up paddling (SUP) has taken the Gulf Coast by storm. Even though it is an excellent source of exercise, it is also fun for the entire family.  Paddle boarding is best in water with unbroken swells and can be operated by sitting, kneeling or standing.

Fly boarding – If you haven’t heard of fly boarding, then you are missing out. A foot mounted board connects to a wave runner with a hose that redirects the water to propel two jets on the bottom of the board creating lift off! Let Flyboard Bama fly you through the sky.

Kite Boarding – Although Kite Boarding requires some skill, there are classes and courses you can take so you can have a bird’s eye view of the Gulf Coast. We recommend kite boarding for thrill seekers and water sport adventurers who aren’t afraid to soar through the sky at the mercy of the wind.

Parasailing – It is a beautiful site to see as a participant and as on onlooker.  It is like watching a hot air balloon but a completely different experience. The rush associated with gliding through the air with your feet dangling is incomparable.

Kayaking – For the water lovers who are less adventurous, we recommend a quiet kayaking trip to enjoy the peaceful surroundings of Mother Nature. Coastal Alabama is known for the Back Bay fishing and water sports like canoeing and kayaking.

We hope everyone has a fun and safe summer. Remember to adhere to the beach flag safety warnings, apply sunscreen several times a day and stay hydrated.

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