This month, The September Series Blog will feature Spectrum Resorts marketing team visiting four of the Alabama Gulf Coast’s top restaurants and attraction to give readers an inside look at area favorites. Read three first-hand descriptions about The Hangout, The Naval Aviation Museum, Sail Wild Heartsand LuLu’s. This week features The Hangout in Gulf Shores where “59 Ends and Fun Begins.”


Colby Turner, Revenue and Marketing Director
Entrée –Shaka-Shaka Shrimp Po Boy
The atmosphere at The Hangout was amazing.  Even on a weekday afternoon in the middle of August, The Hangout delivered fun entertainment

as well as great food.  As always, the staff was very friendly and quickly seated us at a table near the stage at the north end of the restaurant.  Wewere lucky enough to catch “JUMP, The Ultimate Dog Show” which featured several dogs performing agility and Frisbee catching tricks.

I went with the Shaka-Shaka shrimp po boy for my entrée.  This is easily my favorite po boy in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area.  I’ve had po boys at other restaurants that were way more bread than shrimp, but this is not the case at The Hangout.  The po boy arrived in a basket and was stuffed with fresh golden fried shrimp as well as lettuce and tomatoes.  A generous portion of shoe string fries was also included in the basket along with the Shaka-Shaka sauce on the side.  The sandwich would be good even without the Shaka-Shaka sauce, but this sweet and spicy sauce is what makes this my favorite dish at The Hangout.

It was another great lunch at one of the top restaurants in the area.  The great food and fun atmosphere make The Hangout a must visit restaurant for anyone visiting the Alabama Gulf Coast.


Veronica Petkov, Public Relations
Entrée – Blackened Mahi Tacos
The Hangout’s slogan is so very true. “Where 59 ends and the fun begin,” explains it all. The prime location and the panoramic views of the sugar-white beach create a sense of relaxation and peacefulness as soon as we arrived.  The fresh salt air and beautiful day got this lunch off to a great start.

There is never a dull moment at The Hangout because their social calendar is full of special events and live entertainment throughout the year.  If I would have been at The Hangout on a personal visit, I most likely would have started with the cucumber Bloody Mary with Smirnoff citrus, Zing Zang mix garnished with traditional vegetables and cucumbers. Instead I had a diet coke.

The team members at The Hangout are always so helpful and friendly. Our server made lunch very enjoyable with his professional manner and helpful personality. He was kind enough to let us take a few pictures and he even recommended a few popular entrees.

I was torn between the fish tacos or the Shaka-Shaka shrimp. So as a group, we decided on the Shake shrimp as an appetizer so I went with the Blackened Maui Tacos with cheese, black beans, cilantro, roasted red pepper sauce with tortilla chips and tomato salsa for my entrée.

It was nice to see the Shake shrimp were not popcorn shrimp. They were just the right size and the sweet and spicy Shaka sauce came on the side. We knew why the Shaka shrimp was a favorite when we tasted right amount of sweet heat on the sauce and the savory shrimp.

When the tacos arrived, I knew I made the right choice even before taking a bite. It looked absolutely delicious and tasted even better. The added black beans and roasted peppers went very well together and the colorful chips and the melted cheese made this dish one of my area favorites.


Jamie Croft, Graphic Designer
Entrée – Hang 10 Cheese Burger 


The Hangout is one of my favorite places to eat here on the Gulf Coast. There is always some sort of entertainment and the relaxed beach-front atmosphere is hard to beat. The open-air restaurant is something to experience, especially having a great view of the beach and Gulf.

The unique décor is eye-catching and everyone seemed to be checking out the large displayed collection of old tin lunchboxes, the never-ending display of Pez dispensers and the fun, colorful sand bucket collection. Our group started out with Shaka Shaka Shrimp. As an appetizer, these were really high-quality shrimp and a large portion. The Shaka -Shaka sauce had a nice spice that blended well with the shrimp.

For my entrée, I chose the Hang 10 Cheese Burger which came with shoe string fries. My Cheeseburger arrived in a basket packed with crispy fries. The fries were tasty and fresh with the perfect amount of salt. I almost ate all of my fries before I took the first bite of my cheeseburger.  The cheeseburger was a cooked to perfection and it was a nice size burger. It was full of flavor and had plenty of American & Swiss cheese.

For a complete menu list, visit The Hangout website. Please leave a comment about your favorite menu item and come back next week and read the reviews about the Naval Aviation Musuem in Pensacola, FL.