If you’ve ever booked a Gulf Shores or Orange Beach vacation through a rental management company you were probably offered optional travel insurance through CSA Travel Protection.  Most renters only consider adding this protection for stays booked during hurricane season, but travel insurance can be a wise investment and it covers much more than just mandatory evacuations.  Here are three surprising things that you probably don’t know about travel insurance as well as some general information on the insurance offered in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.

Travel Insurance Covers Accidents That Occur During Your Vacation

Accidents can occur at anytime, even during your vacation.  If you are involved in a traffic accident during your vacation, travel insurance can reimburse your for any lost rental days that occur as a result.  It even covers medical expenses if there are any injuries.  CSA even offers vehicle return services to help make arrangements to have a designated person or provider return your vehicle to your home if the vehicle is not able to be driven at the time of your departure.

 Travel Insurance Covers Illness and Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Everyone should be a part of the family vacation, but sometimes travelers have medical conditions that make it difficult for them to be away from their physicians.  Travel Insurance can reimburse you for lost rental days if you must return home due to illness or a pre-existing medical condition.  And this coverage applies to everyone in your travel party, even if they are not a family member.

Travel Insurance Covers Job Relocations and Military Activation

If you or a travel companion are relocated at least 250 miles due to employment and need to change your vacation destination or dates of travel, travel insurance will reimburse any lost money due to canceling or changing your reservation.  The insurance also covers any cancellation or change fees that occur if you or a travel companion are called into active military service and must change your reservations.

Travel Insurance General Policies

Travel insurance can be added at anytime, but will only cover situations that arise after the insurance was purchased.  The insurance offered in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area costs 6.5% of your total reservation amount, so for a $2,000 reservation you would only pay an additional $130 to protect your vacation investment.  CSA also offers a 10 day free look, so you have 10 days from the date you purchased the insurance to cancel for a full refund.  CSA will not issue refunds after the 10 day period.

As with any insurance policy maximum limits and exclusions apply, and each claim is different.   You can find a detailed description of coverage on the CSA website, but if you have questions on what may and may not be covered it’s always best to contact CSA directly with any questions.

Travelers can also minimize the risk or forfeiting money due to cancellation or change fees by booking with companies that offer guest friendly rental policies.  To find out more about what to consider when looking for guest friendly rental policies follow the link below.